As members of the LGBT community, we strive toward our goals of expanded opportunities and fair treatment.

As Republicans, we know the best way to achieve both of these goals is through a strong economy that benefits all Americans.

When the national economy is thriving, people in the LGBT community are thriving, too. As business owners, professionals, and successful members of our communities, LGBT people benefit as much as anyone from cuts to burdensome regulation and hefty taxes. Knowing that a strong economy is a single-best way to expand opportunity we support:

  • Lowering taxes across the board.
  • Slashing regulation, particularly on small businesses.
  • Expanding economic opportunity.

We know that there is no better way to improve the lives of LGBT people than by giving them more freedom over their checkbooks and their lives. When taxes are cut, LGBT people have more resources to pursue their goals and achieve a better quality of life. When regulations are slashed, it enables LGBT people of all backgrounds to pursue upward mobility by starting and growing a small business, investing and putting money back into their communities. When we cut both taxes and regulations, LGBT people have unbridled economic opportunity.

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