Log Cabin Election Volunteering

You may be thinking Texas is solidly Republican, at least light red, so there is no campaign work here. Or maybe you feel helpless at the relentless Press attacks on anyone with an "R." Feel helpless no more!

Instead of an October dinner meeting, we are, as an LCR chapter, going to do our best to help out our party! We ask for your help in showing them what their LGBT members can do for the county & country! 

The County GOP (www.dallasgop.org) has 3 big ways we can help: 

1) phone banking, to swing state voters, OR for contested races here in TX. If you're in far-west or far-east Dallas county, never fear, there are satellite offices there that need your help!
2) Block-Walking, or getting out in the field and talking to people about the election in support of Conservative candidates
3) Election Judging - VERY important, and badly needed! Fair elections are of course, a bedrock principle of a free country, and officials from the GOP need to help ensure this!

The County is challenging ALL GOP clubs for turnout with a contest this year. Participation also helps ensure our voices are heard!

So instead of worrying about some poll or news report, grab a friend and head down to the County office and make some calls! You'll be given a special Log-In for Log Cabin. I can say from actual experience I enjoyed calling people in other states and helping them really think about the elections; voters need to hear the facts, not media spins. 

To get involved as an Election Judge, call the County office at (214) 369-9555 and ask for Jeremy Bradford. To make calls, you can just drop by 5pm-8:30pm any weekday, or call Brian Flores at the same # with questions. There are some AMAZING people at the County office who would love to see you there! We can win in November, but we are going to have to work for it! Let us know about your experience! Feel free to ask questions here on this Event wall as well.


October 24, 2016 at 2:00pm - November 04, 2016


Dallas County GOP Office

Will you come?